I'unno, it just sorta rolled off the tongue nicely. ♪(´ε` )

Silly butt. It does though

Nah. You're not being a baby. I've woken up from weird dreams and been angry or sad. I had a girlfriend once that got angry at me for something I said in a dream lol. It happens to the mediocre of us too

Oh boy, did she? Well, i guess im not so weird after all. That helps calm my nerves, so thank you for sharing.

Whether or not one's life is 'bad' has nothing to do with whether or not a dream can be a trigger, or bring someone to a high level of emotion upon waking up. Secondly, nobody is in the right to make baseless claims as to whether one's truly is bad. I've had a couple cases of highly emotional/trigger dreams, so I know where you come from, DDerpyMod. Anon just needs to get the baguette out of their bumhole.

Thanks blitz, i only got to see your message now but it helps me. Thank you. Also, may i ask, why exactly a baguette?

Don't listen to that anon, dreams can be as triggery as anything else. It's perfectly normal to have a dream that you wake from in an emotional state.

That’s sort of reasuring. In a sense.

Anon needs to shut the fuck up because your feelings as a result of your dream is goddamn valid don't let anyone tell you otherwise. >:C I don't care if you're upset because you dreamed you lost your fucking dream donut that shit is valid

haha, thank you. This made me smile a little. I’m trying to not take what they said to heart.

Well I think your dreams are windows to your subconscious trying to work through whatever is bothering you. I think you just need to remember and try to work through it. Also your not being a baby.

Thanks. It makes sense when you put it like that.

A fucking baby. Stop complaining. It's a dream, not a triggering effect from being bullied. Is your life really that bad? I doubt it.

Thank you for your answer…. Sorry.

Can one be triggered by ones dreams?

Because I woke up from a dream and went into a state of complete anger and sadness. Things happened, nothing terrible, but now i don’t want to leave my bed. Like is this a normal reaction to something that would have been pleasant for you but ended up unpleasant due to circumstances? Or am i a god damn baby again?

There are four firetruck outside my house

Damn, we dunno what’s up tho. No big fire.

How's life?

Filled with weird shit. But it’s good